Village of Pewamo

Department of Public Works

DPW Building

Kohl Falor, DPW Supervisor
Phone: 989-534-6060

Rob Sterner, DPW Assistant
Phone: 517-526-2435

The Village of Pewamo is proud to have the support of its Department of Public Works employees.

Their combined talents offer the Village extensive knowledge and countless experience in the endless duties of maintaining and improving the Village.

  • Water and Sewer systems are monitored closely on a daily basis. The infrastructure of these systems is complex, but well known by our men, as well as the professional consultants that we have access to. 


  • The occasional water main breaks are repaired, with normal service being resumed as soon as possible. In the unlikely event that our DPW cannot repair the break, outside contractors are called in.

  • The Village sewer and storm sewer systems are monitored and maintained, with constant attention paid to avoiding any unnecessary problems.

  • Street maintenance throughout the year allows for safe and easy travel in the Village.  Snow removal from Village sidewalks is a courtesy service, but cannot be a priority.  Our men will do their best to clear sidewalks following a street snow removal and other necessary Village duties.

  • Maintenance of Village Parks can be a full-time job in the spring and summer, but every effort is made to create parks that citizens and visitors can enjoy and be safe in.

  • Mowing throughout the Village on Village property and right of ways is also one of the many tasks that keep our Village looking its possible best. In the fall, our men add leaf pick up to their busy schedule, avoiding the bagging and removal of leaves by our citizens.

The Village of Pewamo is very proud and grateful for their DPW staff and we hope our citizens appreciate the work they do!