Village of Pewamo

Other Committees

Sanitary Sewer and Water
Jane Martin, Dale Winsor, Jacob Wiggers & Mike Scollon

Storm Drains, Sidewalks and Streets
Dan Heckman, Michael Yerge, Tanner Roe, Doug LaVoie & Mike Scollon

Parks & Rec
Jacob Wiggers, Jane Martin, Dale Winsor & Mike Scollon

RTF 8-B Reps (County Road Commission and Ionia County Villages)
Randy Zenk, Tanner Roe & Mike Scollon

Ionia County Economic Alliance (ICEA) Reps
Randy Zenk & Sandy Wolniakowski

Billing/Receivables Review
Dan Heckman

Village Maintenance
Mike Scollon & Rob Sterner

Zoning Administrator
Mike Scollon

Street Administrator
Doug LaVoie

Village Public Access Channel
Randy Zenk

Community Center and Park Rental Contact
Sandy Wolniakowski

Block Party Committee
Sandy & Steve Wolniakowski, Donna Droste, Randy Zenk, Marilyn Schneider, Sue Klein, Mike & Susie Klein, Barb Wesley, Chris & Mindy Pawlanta, Cathy Stoddard, Rhonda Meyers, Linda Klein, Brian & Deb Schutte